Restaurant Stories

… is Ravintolatarinat in Finnish.

Stories from restaurants.

From coffeehouses, bars, hotels, lobbies and terraces. Near water and under the wide sky. From villages, urban areas, cities and streets. On land, air and deep blue sea.

From get togethers and enjoyable events. Public and private. Near, far… From everywhere, where food made and served by others has the main and the side role.

Delicious food. Mostly. And a little sip of wine… or something else mouth watering, which makes you annoying chatty.

Spaces full of feeling. Ones perfectly composed and polished, the others best years behind and damaged by life witnessed. Spaces glossy by newness and those, which will just stay there till the end of time.

People. Different kind of people. people behind the stories.

Stories from restaurants.

Long and short. And everything in between. Self seen and told by others. Pictures and texts. Still or moving. With or without noise.

Here. On the site. And in fast forward moving social media channels. In Instagram photo feed and stories. On Facebook wall and in closed group. As tweets in Twitter.

Stories from restaurants.

All kinds of stories. In every size. Stories. From the world-wide world of restaurants. And outside of it. Mainly in Finnish.

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